I'm a software marketing consultant who is passionate about makeup and skincare products. And I enjoy learning about the ingredients and science that go into our everyday beauty items. This research helps me to be a wise shopper and avoid the products that may wreak havoc on my uber sensitive skin and curly hair. When I'm not playing with makeup, hair, and skin care products, I'm brainstorming my next vacation, which includes stops at fun beauty locations. I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband who is supportive of my beauty indulgences and willingly gives up the extra bathroom drawer.

Why Blog?

My goal is to post reflections on beauty encounters viewed through my looking glass. Admit it, we all have our own unique "mirrors" of the world and each day is fresh and new thanks in part to what we see on the other side. Along the way, I'll also be posting some random thoughts about the beauty culture, its power to influence, and what it truly provides to women (and men) of all ages
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