Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two Luxury Finds for Unbelievable Curls


Today's post is dedicated to all of the naturally curly girls. If you're blessed (or cursed!) with curls, you can never predict a good hair day. It just happens. However, don't let a not-so-beautiful curl day get the best of you. Here are two luxury items that can come to your rescue. I purchased both this summer and they have not me down!

Thairpy 365 Thairacurl Digital Clipless Curling Iron

It seems counterintuitive for a curly girl to own a curling iron...right? I thought so, too, until I got my hands on this one. A clipless curling iron is very different than a traditional iron. I've found that it allows me to wrap my hair around the iron's barrel similar to how I would wrap my hair around my finger to create the perfect ringlet. As such, it eliminates any crimped ends, ridges, or kinks. I find that all I need to do is create a half dozen or so curls and I'm good to go. I just focus on the spots that need a little more definition, such as the strands around my face or those jumping off pieces that transition from my shorter to longer layers. There's no need to do my entire head of locks as I think that would look overdone and unnatural. 

What I like about the Thairacurl iron is that it heats up in less than a minute and beeps when it's ready. I can also easily control the temperature setting. Personally, I crank it up as I find the hottest setting works best for me. With that very careful not to burn your fingers. There's a reason it comes with a heat-resistant glove. Trust me!

While this item is a complete luxury — it retails for $180 — I justified the expense since I have not purchased a hair styling tool for nearly 20 years. I also used a 20% off coupon, which lowered the purchase price. Available at select retailers including b-glowing.

Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray

After I'm finished using the Thairacurl iron, I give my curls a generous spritz of Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray. Unlike a hair spray that makes your hair stiff, a dry conditioning spray adds extra moisture, shine, and softness. I find this gives all of my curls an added boost to help them look their best. 

I also use this spray on second (or third) day hair when I especially need extra moisture. Oribe revives my locks and makes them smell like just-washed hair!

This spray is also a luxury item. It typically retails for $35 a can at Oribe salons. Gulp...that's a chunk of change. But totally worth it.

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