Friday, May 30, 2014

My Pre-Breakfast Skincare Routine


I have a confession...I perform a pre-breakfast skincare routine daily before my regular AM routine of skincare products. Yes, that's two different AM routines. But hear me out on my rationale.

As soon as I wake up, the first thing that I do is splash my face with water to remove any excess of nightly products and sweat and prep my skin for the day. I prefer to skip cleanser altogether as I found it made my skin oiler. Sometimes too much exfoliation (and cleansing) can strip your skin of its natural barrier and cause it to go haywire in excess oil production. Trust me on this one.

Next, I'll give my face a spritz or two of any toner that is in current rotation and then I'll apply two or three drops of One Love Organics Morning Glory. This is a lightweight serum that boosts my complexion with a powerful blend of natural antioxidants, niacin, and polypeptides. Because it's in an oil form, it also adds a light layer of moisture.

I also love applying Morning Glory because it smells AMAZING. Its aromatherapy is quite addicting and it never fails to give me that extra boost of energy to start my day. stop caffeine!

Now to the reason why I have two routines. I work from home so my hours are all over the board. However, I try to break up the late morning with a trip to the gym. I always go "naked" face to allow my face to breathe while I'm working out. When I come home, that's when I'll shower and perform my regular rotation of skincare products. While it may seem overkill, I find I really need that early morning series to clean off the night's gunk and add a tad of moisture.

What about you? Anybody else do an extra skincare routine during the day? Drop me a line and share your extra routine.

Purchase info: One Love Organics Morning Glory is available online. Prices start at $29.00.

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