Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Luminous Skin Even in the Dead of Winter


Since December 15th, I've been trying (and loving!) NARS skin line. Specifically, I've been using these three products both AM and PM:
  • Optimal brightening concentrate — a brightening serum
  • Total replenishing eye cream — an all-in-one eye gel/cream
  • Luminous moisture cream — a long-lasting hydration cream
I was recommended all three by one of my favorite San Francisco makeup artists. She gave me a makeover at the NARS counter (Nordstrom San Francisco Centre) and used these items to prep my face. Before she had even applied my makeup, I had two compliments from strangers about the luminosity of my skin. To quote one of the gals..."I want her glowing, radiant skin."

Knowing my crazy, sensitive skin, I didn't want to get my hopes up until I purchased and gave these products a good trial run at home. It's been nearly two months now, so I'm in the clear and ready to share my results.

One word sums it up...brilliant! Seriously, my skin has never been brighter, clearer and dry-patch free. My face is hydrated without looking greasy, and my makeup stays put all day without the need for a setting powder or mid-day touch up.

While I could have reviewed these three separately, I would have had a hard time determining which one was doing what! I'm not typically one to use a singe skincare line exclusively; however, I do believe these three work together beautifully. As the seasons change, I may need to adjust, but for now I won't change a thing.

If you're curious, I've been only using these NARS skin items, plus Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser (makeup remover and facial cleanser) and Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream (sunscreen).

Purchase info: NARS skin line is available at local NARS counter or online. Prices start at $55.00.

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