Monday, February 24, 2014

15 Beauty Blog Acronyms You Need to Know

Nothing to Disclose

If you're new to following beauty blogs, participating in product swap sites or discussion forums, there's an alphabet soup of new acronyms to digest. And even for us experienced bloggers, we find abbreviated terms that we've never encountered.

To help make it easier for all of us, I've compiled a short list of popular 15 beauty acronyms that you can bookmark and reference when you get stuck.

Common Beauty Acronyms

  1. BB: BeautyBlender, a nifty sponge tool used for blending liquid/cream-based products or beauty balm (also known as blemish balm), an all-in-one product that promises to do the job of your moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation
  2. BOGO: Buy one get one (usually free or at a percentage discount)
  3. CO: Conditioner only, as in not using shampoo
  4. DC: Discontinued (boo!)
  5. F&F: Friends and family sale with special percentage discounts off your purchase
  6. GHD: Good hair day
  7. GWP: Gift with purchase
  8. HE: High-end product ($$$$), which is opposite of a low-end, drugstore product ($)
  9. HG: Holy grail item 
  10. ISO: In search of
  11. LE (variation: SE): Limited edition or special edition
  12. RAOK: Random act of kindness, a gesture typically associated with swaps where the sender gifts you with some unexpected free goodies
  13. YLBB: Your lips but better
  14. YMMV: Your mileage may vary, in other words, you may get different results from using a particular item than I do
  15. VIB: Very important beauty insider program offered by Sephora that awards its customers with special perks for spending a minimum of $350 on store items within a single calendar year
Anything to add to my list? Drop me a line and share your beauty acronym.

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