Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Weird-Looking Body Exfoliator That Trumps My Shower Pouf


Today's post is one of the weirdest looking items that I've reviewed. When I first hung it in my shower my husband cracked all sorts of comments."Why is there an IV bag in our shower?" "Are you seriously washing your back with bubble wrap?" I simply ignored his comments and tried the product for myself.

So what is this mystery item? Supracor Stimulite Body Exfoliator. It's is an extended body exfoliator made of a recyclable honeycomb material used in all sorts of products — from wheelchair cushions and mattresses to bullet-proof vests and saddle pads that prevent sore backs in horses. It's one of those cool items invented and manufactured in Silicon Valley.

At first glance, the product looks a bit wimpy. But don't let its bumpy looks deceive you. Stimulite Body Exfoliator is one of the best manual body exfoliators that I've used. It features soft and firm sides that exfoliates the skin while stimulating blood flow to tissue. I love it's extra long length that enables you to clean those hard to reach spots that are commonly neglected (e.g. middle of back and shoulders.). I just add a dime-sized dollop of body cleanser and scrub away.

And unlike most shower poufs, it is naturally antifungal, antibacterial, and mildew resistant. This means you won't need to replace it every other month like you usually have to do with the poufs. It also seems to dry significantly faster than washcloths or poufs.

After nearly a month of daily use, it still looks brand new and my back and shoulders are clearer than they've been in years.

Purchase info: Supracor Stimulite Body Exfoliator is available in select spas and online. It retails for $35.00.

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