Friday, August 16, 2013

How To Camouflage A Summer Cold

Nothing to Disclose

This week I've been suffering from a nasty summer cold. They are the worst! Fortunately, I am keeping it a secret thanks to a few makeup products. Here is what I reached for this week:
  • Undereye color corrector I don't ever leave the house without my undereye color corrector. While I don't have age spots or undereye bags, I do have purplish dark circles. They are especially prominent when I have allergies or a cold. I find a pinkish/peach corrector shade works best for masking the darkness.
  • Dewy liquid foundation: Unless you have oily skin, skip powder-based foundation when you have a cold. You really need extra moisture and powders always seem to emphasize the flaking skin near your nose. A dewy finish will add a little extra glow.
  • Bronzer: I'm pale to begin with. And I get even paler when I'm ill. A healthy brush of bronzer really boosts the complexion. I choose a bronzer palette with a blend of colors. It's more natural than one matte color.
  • Pink/peach cream blush: A cream-based blush pairs extremely well with a dewy foundation. They play nicely together and keep your cheeks looking naturally flushed. To avoid the clown-face effect, I use two fingers to apply the blush to my cheeks. Often you can get heavy-handed with a brush and this way it's one less item to clean.
  • Long-wear eyeliner: When I'm sick, my eyes are watery and super sensitive to most eye products. I avoid mascara and eye shadow, but I do line my upper lids with a long-wear eyeliner. 
  • Coral lipgloss: To brighten the entire face, I choose a coral shade of lipgloss. I avoid nude shades as they make me looker paler. Coral always does the trick!
Of course, makeup is just an enhancer. Be sure to stay hydrated when you are ill and slather on the moisturizers.

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