Monday, June 24, 2013

My First Monday of Summer 2013 Fragrance: Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum


Today I'm kicking off the first Monday of summer 2013 with a new-to-me fragrance. Even though it's raining outside (yep, it really is), it's time to switch out my heavier fragrances to the lighter breezy ones — those that remind me of bright sunny days and vacation. Ah...

Fresh Hesperides Eau de Parfum fits the bill rather nicely this season and I'm glad I splurged on it at my local Sephora. It's described as "... a full bodied bouquet that begins with citrus notes blended with hints of jasmine, peach, and musk to add depth and sophistication." I definitely agree with company's description as it's not your typical citrus fragrance.

While I tend to gravitate towards citrus fragrances, I often find I can't wear them. Why? The citrus dry down is too "sour" for my body chemistry. Instead, I'll opt for a citrus candle, room spray, bubble bath, etc. But in the case of Hesperides, I find its little hints of sweet peach and rhubarb soften the citrus top notes to make it very wearable.

I think Hesperides would be the ideal "first" grown-up fragrance for young teens as it's soft and near impossible to go overboard with its application.

Purchase info: Fresh Hesperides is available at select fragrance retailers and online. Prices start at $20.00.

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