Thursday, February 7, 2013

My In-Transit Beauty Life Saver: Trish McEvoy Ultimate Beauty Organizer

Let's just get this out in the open...I hate moving! The boxes, the strangers in your house, the disorganization, and the fear that you've overlooked an important detail, but have yet to identify it. That's me...three days into the moving process. At the moment, my husband and two Dalmatians are in-transit between our home in Southern California and our short-term rental home in Silicon Valley. (Yes...we'll be repeating this process again in a couple more months when we identify and purchase a new home.) While we're waiting for all the final escrow process to close, we're staying in a lovely hotel in La Jolla. Yay!

Now to the point of today's way I am keeping my sanity is by keeping all of my beauty items nicely tucked away in Trish McEvoy's Ultimate Beauty Organizer. Normally when I travel, I go as light and compact as possible. But sometimes that means I end up bringing three small makeup/beauty bags for my stuff. While this is fine, it increases my chances that I'll accidentally leave one bag behind. So for this move, I opted for a larger beauty case to stash a few more items and keep everything together.

Here's how Trish's Ultimate Beauty Organizer is working for me. On one side of the bag, there is space for Trish's Mini Makeup Planner. I use this little planner to hold all of my makeup items, brushes, etc. If you're using Trish's system, you are probably familiar with her signature planner. If not, it's similar to the old school Day Planner, but just envision using it for makeup. Everything has its dedicated space and slot. The Planner can be pulled out and used on its own.

Below the carved out planner space, there are two, removable, see-through pouches for at-a-glance visibility of your essentials, and three lightweight bottles to be custom-filled with your beauty favorites. I use one pouch for skin care products and the other for hair and body stuff. I didn't even have to decant smaller amounts of my stash. I was able to easily throw in my full-size skin care items and still have ample room.

On the opposite side of the Organizer, there is a large zippered mesh pocket where I stash cotton balls, hair bands, Q-tips, sample packets, etc.

Overall, I am very impressed by how the Organizer is working for my current travel needs. While it might be a bit large for an overnight trip or an overseas vacation where you might be tight on space, this bag is ideal for situations when you have room to bring a few more items and want to keep them neatly together.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Beauty Organizer is available at select Trish counters and online. It retails for $98.00 and includes a Mini Planner.

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