Friday, February 15, 2013

Moving Soon? Pack These "Open Me First" Beauty Essentials

Last week I mentioned my big move to Northern California and the cosmetic travel bag I used to carry my "in transit" items while we were staying in hotels for four nights and to hold me over until I fully unpacked my stash. Similarly, today's post examines the beauty items that were packed in my "open me first" box for the bathroom. This box was placed in our car along with other key valuables and not in the big moving truck. Believe me...these essentials were all used the first day or two at our new home. I'm thankful I didn't have to hunt them down in the sea of moving boxes.
  • Shower product caddy: I placed all of our favorite shower items from the old house directly into this container to keep everything together. I made sure that I only took full bottles or tubes so that it would carry me over for a month or so.
  • Bar of soap: Duh...everyone wants to take a shower or bath after a full day of moving!
  • Hand lotion: Because you're dealing with oodles of paper and boxes, your hands take a beating. I made sure to include several tubes of hand lotion so I could prevent my hands from cracking.
  • Sink stopper: If you're a bath person like I am, you want to make sure your tub holds its water and doesn't go merrily down the drain. I'll confess that I pulled this item out of my suitcase, not my "open first" bag when I discovered the bath tub stopper wasn't working. I always carry one in my suitcase especially for these situations or when I want to do hand laundry in the sink.
  • Clean towels: While towels seem obvious to pack first, I remember moving across town a decade ago and having to drive back to my old apartment because we didn't know where our clean towels were at our new place. Thankfully we had held off packing the used ones since we still needed to clean up. After this mishap, towels are the first item I pack!
  • Face wipes: For some reason, I couldn't locate my regular face cleanser the first night, so I was thankful I had these babies within reach. I also used one to spot clean my jacket when I spilled coffee on it.
  • Candle: When stress is high and you're in a new location that doesn't smell like home, you'll want the luxury of lighting a candle to change the mood. Just don't forget matches or a candle lighter!
  • Bath salts: This item is purely optional, but a long soak in a tub full of bath salts will soothe your sore muscles and transport you into dreamland. 
What about you? Do you have a beauty essential that you always pack first? Drop me a line and share your favorites!


  1. Love this post! It's smart to bring a candle for bringing that home smell to a new place! That's one of the first things that I notice when I'm home at night from work is the familiar scent of home. Usually new spaces take a while to make your own. I think a bath is a good idea too. I hope you're settling in well up north!

  2. Amana, thanks for your kind words! We're making the most of our temporary home until we find permanent one.


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