Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Comfort Balm for Cold Sores: SuperLysine+ ColdStick

Sickness, moving stress, and zero sleep finally got the best of me. After finally getting settled in our new home, I battled two nasty cold sores. I'll maybe get two every decade, but this time I experienced both of them concurrently. And...it was not pretty!

After using a one-time over-the-counter cold sore treatment...twice, my lips were dry and cracking. Let's just say that I needed some serious lip comfort.

Since I was placing a Drugstore.com order, I added Quantum Health's SuperLysine+ ColdStick to my shopping cart. ColdStick is a moisturizing, petroleum-free lip balm that can be used everyday to protect your lips (thanks to SPF 21) from the sun, a common cold sore trigger. In addition, ColdStick also heals cracked or chapped lips, and it can be worn under lipstick.

I've read that lysine is commonly used for preventing and treating cold sores, so I thought this product might accelerate the healing process and bring much needed comfort. And, it did! After two days of use, my lips were nearly back to normal. The dry patches were gone and new skin was forming over the blistered areas.

What I liked most about ColdStick was its consistency. It was slightly waxy and didn't require frequent application. When I applied the balm at night, it was nearly all intact the next morning, which was a huge plus. Who wants to get up in the middle of the night to reapply lip balm? Not, me.

All in all, ColdStick is a slick little comforting lip balm that I'll continue to use even after my cold sores are gone.

Purchase info: Quantum Health SuperLysine+ ColdStick is available at select mass retailers and drugstores, including Drugstore.com. It retails for approximately $6.49 (on sale now for $5.99 at Drugstore.com).

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