Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Botanical Blast of Brightners: Primavera Revitalizing Serum

Winter doll drums get me every year especially the week after a long holiday break. You know that time of year when you're itching for spring to come ASAP. My face also feels winter's effects and longs for the warmer days when my complexion is brighter, well moisturized, and simply less fussy.

This year I'm minimizing winter's edge with a blast of Primavera Revitalizing Serum. This splurge of a serum is unlike most I've tried in the past. Primavera helps lift and brighten, delivering organic antioxidants to preserve and protect skin's healthy radiance.

I've been rotating Primavera into my morning routine. I apply it to clean skin underneath my moisturizer, and it immediately feels cool and soothing. I usually give Primavera a minute to absorb and then follow with my moisturizer/sunscreen combo and eye cream. It applies very easily without any residue thanks to it satin gel formula.

Using Primavera on a daily basis has improved my overall complexion. The most noticeable effects are smoother skin, less dryness and brighter, radiant skin. Normally I would splurge on a facial when I experience dullness and need a boost of brighteners. But Primavera has delivered the same benefits and allowed me to prolong my January trip to my local esthetician. Bravo!

Purchase info: Primavera Revitalizing Serum is available at Pharmaca.com and it retails for $79.99. I purchased it during a promotion event for the brand at $59.99.

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