Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me Eye Shadows: LORAC Pro Palette

Five days before Christmas I broke down and bought a "Merry Christmas to Me/Birthday" present. Yes, sometimes you have to treat yourself during the holidays to keep your sanity. It also happened to be my birthday so I went for it and purchased the LORAC Pro Palette — a gorgeous collection of 16 versatile eye shadows.

And no, it wasn't on my wishlist. The palette simply reached out to me and said "buy me" while I was strolling my local Ulta. Normally, I avoid purchasing eye shadow palettes as I find a good number of the colors aren't right for me. Instead, I'd rather buy my shadows individually so I can choose the right ones for me. However, this palette seemed very different to me. And it a good way!

For starters, the colors in the LORAC Pro Palette are both smooth and highly pigmented. You can tell this immediately by running your finger lightly over the surface of the shadows. You can feel the buttery softness and see the rich pigment on your finger. Honestly, you could probably toss your brushes and just use your fingers to apply these lovelies on your peepers.

There was also a 50/50 split between shimmer and matte shades. I like to use a combination of textures, so this was perfect for me. And I didn't have to worry about any glitter bombs in this collection. The shimmer shades weren't over the top. In addition, there was very little fallout, which is a common occurrence with most shimmer shadows.

After applying over my favorite my eye shadow primer, Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials (Demure shade), these shadows wore all day without creasing (excluding Deep Purple shade, which creased after 8 hours). To date, Trish McEvoy and select Bobbi Brown shadows are the only ones that have worn equally well on me.

My only pet peeve is the palette's packaging. The shadows are housed in a cardboard type package with magnetic closure instead of a sturdy plastic container. Since the shadows are so soft, I'm a bit concerned that they might not survive if I accidentally dropped the box. But I'll live dangerously and take my chances!

Purchase info: LORAC Pro Palette is available at Ulta, Sephora, and online. It also includes a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer, which I have not tried yet. It retails for $42.00.

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