Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On the Bright Side: Image Ageless Total Anti Aging Serum

Even though it's not officially winter yet, my complexion is on the fritz. You know, that time of year when it seems both dry, dull, and not its usual bright self. I blame on it on the outside temperatures, in-door heating and higher stress levels. Sigh...

Usually I can overcome these complexion woes with a facial or a switch in my products. But even these small tweaks aren't working lately. After some research and a discussion with my esthetician, I've been incorporating alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) into my skincare routine. More specifically, I'm using Image Ageless Total Anti Aging Serum, which is an anti-oxidant blend of alpha hydroxy acids in combination with apple stem cell technology. This serum is recommended to help protect skin cells against oxidative stress and combats the aging effects on the skin. Even after the first use, this product has upped my hydration levels and brought back my glow!

I've started gradually by incorporating its use three times a week on the off nights I'm not using my prescription Retin-A. With AHAs, you want to start slowly and not go overboard on their use. Also, AHAs will often make you more prone to sunburns, so always wear a daily SPF! I've noticed a bit of tingling (which is normal) when the serum is first applied, but so far that's the only issue.

While I'm only been using it for two weeks, I've definitely seen progress. I'll keep you posted on my results!

Purchase info: Image Skincare Ageless Total Anti Aging Serum is available at select day spas and online. It retails for $53.00.

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