Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blended to Perfection: Trish McEvoy Professional Powder Puff

I can't believe that I haven't babbled on and on about one of my all-time favorite makeup tools, Trish McEvoy Professional Powder Puff. No eye rolling please...I'm truly serious about my love for this fluffy, velour powder puff.

Several years ago I was complaining to a makeup artist that I tended to have issues keeping my eyeshadow from extending too far out on my left eye. I typically tried to wipe the excess shadow away with a Q-Tip, but then I always removed too much color. It was a never-ending battle. She politely whipped out this gynormous powder puff and quickly buffed out the fallout.

Less than two minutes later, she used the other side of the puff to blend my foundation around the edges of my face and neck and erase any unnatural lines of blush color. She simply pinched the puff into a “taco” shape and rolled it in a circular motion to buff out any visible lines of demarcation. I found this extra, yet easy, step provided an airbrushed effect that I'd been trying to imitate for years. Of course, I left the counter with a brand new powder puff!

The crazy thing is that I've been using that same puff for more than two years. Each week I wash it in the sink with a small dollop of Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser and then let it air dry overnight. In the morning, it always looks brand new!

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Professional Powder Puff is available at Trish counters and online. It retails for $12.00.

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