Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Multipurpose, Summer Rejuvenator: John Masters Lavender Hydrating Mist

The heat and humidity from this past week are killing me. I know I shouldn't complain. I'm so spoiled here on the SoCal coast. But when the temps rise above 85 degrees (with no A/C) and my house stays above 75 all night long, I start to get cranky.

Thankfully...I've managed to stay a bit more calm and refreshed with the help of John Masters Lavender Hydrating Mist. This lavender hydrator is both a skin soother and scalp refresher. It's made solely of certified-organic lavender flower water to give you the perfect boost of rejuvenation all day long. It smells just like those yummy lavender aromatherapy products from the spa! Ahh....

I've been spritzing it left and right to stay cool and calm, and it's working! Apparently, I can also use it for reactivating my makeup and hair styling products. Don't you just love those multipurpose products? I know my wallet does!

Purchase info: John Masters Lavender Hydrating Mist is available at select natural skincare boutiques and select Whole Foods, as well as online. It retails for $16.00 (2 oz bottle).

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