Friday, June 29, 2012

The Promise of a Long-Lasting Lipstick: ILIA Beauty In Paradise Tinted Lip Conditioner

Time after time, I keep falling for that "long lasting" feature boldly featured on a lippie's packaging. Why? I love lip color, but I don't like to be bothered by repeat application. Come on folks...I'm busy!

But after being disappointed too many times to count, I've just about given up hope on finding anything that lasts longer than an hour on me. Until now...

Recently I was visiting a local natural beauty shop that is closing its doors in my town (sobs...) and I was reeled in by their 20% off sale. I asked the sales associate for product recommendations on their best stuff since I wasn't too familiar with most brands. One of the first things she reached for was ILIA Beauty In Paradise Tinted Lip Conditioner. It's a limited edition long-wear shade in a soft tropical melon color.

When I tried the product, I was immediately struck by how creamy and smooth it felt on my lips. It reminded me more of a lip balm than anything. This summery sheer color complemented my fair, neutral complexion and it was at a good price point so I added it to my pile of goodies. I can always use another lippie!

I happened to check my makeup four hours later and what blew me away was how well my lip color was still intact. Even though the initial shine had faded, the color intensity had grown. This product had literally morphed into a true tint that didn't strip my lips of moisture. It looked breath taking! My husband even commented on its lovely hue. In Paradise was made just for me. (BTW...I returned a week later and bought a second tube since it is a limited edition shade. I don't usually stock pile products, but this one completely rocked my world.)

If you're not familiar with ILIA Beauty like me, it's a newer Canadian cosmetic brand that was founded by the inspiration to create a connection between organic beauty and contemporary fashion. The company's products are filled with up to 85% certified organic bio-active botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Simply beautiful in my opinion! I can't wait to explore more of the company's products.

Purchase info: ILIA Beauty In Paradise Tinted Lip Conditioner is available at select beauty retailers and online. It retails for $24.00.


  1. That does indeed sound like a lovely product! But, just in case you wanted to know of a great long-lasting lip color, that maybe you haven’t tried, look into LipSense by SeneGence. I was introduced to the product a few years ago, and now I wear it every day. It lasts and lasts, comes in great colors, and when paired with one of their shea-butter glosses, moisturizes your lips. Not trying to sell it, I just love it! Just a tip!

  2. Gemm...thank you for the tip. I'll have to try LipSense!


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