Thursday, June 7, 2012

Say, What...There's Dragon's Blood in My Eye Gel?

Two weeks ago I was on vacation in Chicago and experienced one of the worst sinus/cold bugs imaginable. I couldn't do anything fun without carrying a super-size box of Kleenex. I was a mess!

To escape the heat and wind, I dove into Nordstrom and started browsing the beauty and skincare counters. One of the new-to-me brands that caught my attention was Rodial, a UK-based line that was started by a former beauty journalist. I asked the sales associate a few questions since I was unfamiliar with it. And then she introduced me to the company's Dragon's Blood Eye Gel — a cooling gel for refreshing and hydrating puffy tired eyes. I'm sure that my huge eye bags were the clincher in her pitch.

I'll admit that I was skeptical at first since I tend to prefer thicker eye creams. Gels usually don't do much for me, but I gave it a whirl. Once applied, I immediately felt the cool sensation of the eye gel. Dragon's Blood Eye Gel was incredibly refreshing, while also super hydrating.

It was not miraculous (I don't think any undereye products are truly miracle workers), but I did notice that my undereye area was brighter and I looked more awake. It was a nice pick-me-up that worked nicely even on top of my makeup. My only hesitation was the size of the container. It was a huge pump jar that would take up most of the room in my travel cosmetic bag. Sigh...

The associate explained that she likes to mix it with her concealer to help the concealer more easily adhere to the undereye area and last even longer. I was sold! I'll do anything to improve the longevity of my concealer.

Now is there real dragon's blood in the eye gel? Yes, and no. It's not from dragons that are common in fairy tales, but it is a type of tree sap that is known to have healing properties.

Purchase info: Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Gel is available at Nordstrom, Space.N.K, and select skincare boutiques and clinics. It retails for $50.00 (.5 oz jar).

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