Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three for the Disappointment Files: April 2012 Edition

As a beauty blogger, I'm always trying new products. It's part of the job! And typically, I only feature items in my posts that I really enjoy or have on my wishlist. However, it is relevant to mention the other ones. You know...those products that end up in my giveaway, swap, or trash pile.

Today I am kicking off a new monthly series where I will briefly mention my product disappointments of the month. Keep in mind that this is just one reviewer's opinion. We all have different skin types, complexion colors, and preferences. And my failure may be your holy grail. we go!
  1. Deborah Lippman Umbrella Oxygen Raincoat Top Coat: Deborah's polish base and top coats are my ultimate favorites! When she released this latest top coat, I was all over it. In fact, I ordered it on Nordstrom's web site before it hit the store shelves. Well...I should have waited. This topcoat is not meant to be used on wet nails. Instead, it's intended to be applied on top of dry nail polish and then reapplied several times during the week to revive your polish color and keep nails shiny. But these directions were NOT included with the product or online. So, I just applied on top of my wet polish like you do with other top coasts. The real bummer is that my polish wouldn't dry, and there were tons of little bubbles trapped between the polish coats. I finally had to apply Deborah's Addicted to Speed Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat so that I could go to bed and not completely destroy my manicure. Bottom line: If you need a new top coat, go with Addicted to Speed.
  2. Birchbox monthly subscription: Last November, I signed up for Birchbox's monthly $10 subscription, which sends sample beauty and lifestyle products based on a profile you fill out on their site. The subscription service had received great reviews and I thought it would be a great avenue for introducing me to new products that I might not be aware of. Quite frankly, I was disappointed in the sample products selected for me. After five months worth of boxes, there were only 1 or 2 items that I would consider purchasing. Bottom line: Save your pennies and ask for free samples at Sephora or Nordstrom.
  3. Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser: Target is always a good source for unexpected product deals. And, their Sonya Kashuk line usually provides excellent products for those of us on a budget. So...I thought I'd score a deal with this brush and sponge cleanser. Wrong. This product fails miserably in getting my makeup brushes and sponges clean. It simply can't handle dark pigmented eyeshadow colors or cream-based products such as foundation or concealer. After using it, I had to rewash with Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser. Bottom line: Skip this one. Even your favorite shampoo will work more effectively.

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