Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Secret for Perfectly Blended Eye Primer: Trish McEvoy #66 Cream Blender Brush

I tell ya...I seem to lose all willpower when it comes to buying the latest makeup brush to hit the market. Brushes are my worst beauty addition item. But this one — Trish McEvoy #66 Cream Blender Brush — was totally worth it. And here's why...

When I hit 30, I discovered the utilitarian beauty of eye primers. For once in my life, my shadows stayed on all day without any creasing or fading. And through trial and error, I learned that eye primers with nude or light peach hues, such as Trish's Eye Base Essentials or Laura Mercier's Eye Basics, were my best friends since they helped even out my eyelid color and lightly masked my ugly veins. Brilliant! However, you need to go easily on their application and ensure an even swipe of color or the end results will defeat the purpose of using a primer.

To get the most even application, I find that synthetic brush bristles do a better job than natural ones. And Trish's #66 Cream Blender Brush is one of the best I've ever used. For starters, the head of the brush is larger than most concealer brushes, which are often recommended for applying eye primers, so I can nearly cover my entire eyelid with one brush stroke. It's also slightly rounded at the tip so that it can easily swipe the primer across my lid and touch the inner corner without getting the product in my eyes or lashes.

And if I use the back of my hand as a painter's palette, the #66 also picks up just the right amount of color without wasting excess product.

For me, this brush automatically knows it's designated task, and I never have to overthink my eye primer placement or application.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy #66 Cream Blender Brush is available at Trish counters and online. It retails for $32.00.

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