Monday, April 23, 2012

The Picture Perfect Foundation: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation

Truth be told...I hate getting my picture taken. I'm always worried about bags under my eyes, shiny skin, pasty paleness, a double chin, unexpected spots, etc. Sigh...but sometimes you have to overcome your fears and just do it! That was me several weeks ago when I needed to get some professional photos taken for work. So...before my photo shoot I scoured the web for tips and tricks. I also carefully selected the right foundation — Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation — for the job. Seriously, your foundation can either be your friend or enemy in photos.

Silk Crème (in Cream Ivory shade) worked like a dream for me. But before I selected it, I made sure that this foundation would be ideal for photos.

And, here's my why Silk Crème made my final cut:
  • No sunscreen ingredients. While I never leave home without wearing my sunscreen, you need to skip it when being photographed. And, this means avoiding all sunscreen ingredients in foundation, too. Why? It may cause a whitish cast on your skin if a flash is used.
  • Medium coverage. I usually prefer lighter coverage as it's more natural looking. However, I find that a bit more coverage is helpful when being photographed. It helps to even out your skin tones and it hides those flaws. If you're worried about it being too heavy, apply with a damp sponge instead of a brush.
  • Yellow undertones. If your complexion is neutral toned (not too pink or too yellow), lean towards the yellow side. This should ensure that you don't look ruddy or unnaturally pink.
  • An oil-free formula: Even if you have dry skin, you'll want to go oil free with your foundation as the camera picks any excess oil on the skin. However, this does not mean skimping on your moisturizer. You want to hydrate well before applying your foundation.
  • A light satin finish. Skip the dewy or extremely matte finishes on photo day. A light satin finish is more natural. Period.
Note: I also paired Silk Crème with Laura's Foundation Primer (original version, not Radiance) to create an even canvas for my foundation and ensure its longevity.

Purchase info: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation is available at Laura counters and online in nine shades. It retails for $42.00.

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