Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Spring "It" Candle — Tru Melange SŌL: Bloom Candle

If I had my way, I'd be burning pine and peppermint scented candles all year long. But when spring comes along, I really do need to mix it up with new candle scents and say good-bye to winter.

One of my new favorites is Tru Melange SŌL: Bloom Candle. At first glance the glass container is absolutely adorable with spring flowers and butterflies. But the best part is when you pull off the lid and inhale its scent duo of lemon and ylang ylang. While this combo may seem oddly paired, the lemon really helps tone down the flowery ylang ylang so that it's not over the top. I'm not a huge floral fan, so I need something to offset it.

And, did I mention how evenly it burns? According to Tru Melange, it's the addition of soy to the beeswax candle. That's their little secret to a clean, even burn!

Best of all, I'm totally wowed with the company's full ingredient disclosure of its waxes, wicks, essentials, and colors. They are truly committed to making high quality products with cotton wicks, 100% pure essential oils, and eco-friendly powdered dyes. Their dyes meet (and exceed) the strictest environmental guidelines laid out by the United States Clean Air Act and California Prop 65. Ah...

Purchase info: Tru Melange SŌL: Bloom Candle is available at select retailers including Pharmaca. Prices start at $12.50.

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