Friday, March 23, 2012

Reflection: Three Cheers for Another Year at Beauty through the Looking Glass

Well...hello third birthday. You quietly sneaked up on me, and I almost forgot to celebrate this big birthday milestone!

Seriously, it's hard to believe that I started this little ol' blog three years ago this week. What was originally scoped as a creative outlet and excuse for playing with new makeup and skin care products has blossomed into so much more for me, including:
  • New brand exposure — I'm amazed at all the new companies and products that I've been introduced to during the past 492 posts! There's a whole new world of beauty brands just waiting to be tried. And, I've enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and trying the unexpected. I especially love the little guys who are just spreading their product wings.
  • Ingredient sleuthing — Sensitive skin sucks, but it doesn't have to take you down. You just have to read up on what are the most common culprits of redness, irritation, etc. and then stay far, far away. Plus, you also need to find a core set of soothing products that you return to when something gets out of whack.
  • Community building — There are incredibly dedicated individuals who regularly frequent and/or write beauty blogs. You guys rock! Thank you for supporting me these past three years. I love your comments and suggestions. Keep em' coming.
Enough reflection! It's time to get back to work and start the next post.

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