Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Nectar from the Beauty Gods: FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

After all the years of avoiding skin care and makeup products with oil-based ingredients, I now come to the conclusion that select oils are my skin's saving grace. By incorporating oil-based products, my skin is more nourished, silky, and flake free. However, I've had to educate myself on the types of oils that my skin can tolerate, including argan, olive, sweet almond, soybean, and the like.

One of my new favorites is body oil blend, FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil. It's made with a mix of extracts including sandlewood, barley, and amurense bark (powdered bark of the phellodendron cork tree). According to the company, this special blend of extracts have been tested and proven to reduce the rate of your skin's water loss  — one of the culprits in signs of aging.

For me, I've been using this lightweight oil as a body moisturizer immediately after showering. I've love how quickly it soaks in and immediately hydrates my parched winter skin. And my skin continues to feel hydrated throughout the day.

And did I mention it's amazing scent! It's described as an oat/milk scent, but it reminds me a of a sweet dessert such as tiramisu or almond whipped cream. Yum!

Purchase info: FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil is available at select retailers and online. It retails for $16.00 (4 oz bottle).

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