Monday, February 27, 2012

A Mid-Day, Under-Eye Pick-Me-Up: Trish McEvoy Line Refiner

As we age, our delicate under-eye skin needs a bit more lovin'. And, this doesn't mean applying more layers of concealer or illuminators. While those makeup items can help Band-Aid the problem, you should focus on your skin care first. This way you will use fewer cosmetic items and look more natural!

For me, when I hit 35 my under-eye skin morphed from oily to extremely dehydrated and dry. I had to ditch my tried and true skin care products and start from scratch. In addition to applying a super moisturizing, yet not greasy eye cream (see review of current favorite), I'm treating my under-eye skin mid-day with an instant boost of moisture using Trish McEvoy Line Refiner.

Line Refiner is a light eye cream that soothes and plumps facial lines around the eyes (and upper lip). The product is housed in a slender tube about the size of a mascara tube and is quickly applied with a wand. For best results, I apply two or three tiny small dots under my eyes and gently press in the product with my ring finger. Because the product is extremely light, I never have to worry about my eye makeup transferring down my cheek. Everything stays put!

I look forward to applying Line Refiner as it is cooling and it feels so comforting on the skin. It's perfect for those days when you've missed several hours of sleep or experiencing allergies and need an under-eye pick-me-up during the eye. It also works equally well as a light eye cream, although I prefer a bit more hydration.

The best part...the tube is compact and never leaks, so you can easily keep it in your handbag.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Line Refiner is available at your local Trish counter and online. It retails for $36.00.

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