Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 4: Lip Love - Explore Early Spring's Hottest Color...Coral!

Welcome to day four of Lip Love series. Since we've covered the practical items in the previous three posts, today we'll explore one of the season's hottest lip colors...coral! I always try to find a new lip color each season. It's an inexpensive way to change up your look and be on trend.

Day 4...Exploring Early Spring's Hottest Color
Early spring makeup collections are always a winner for me since they usually include a bright coral. Since I have neutral coloring, coral is one of my most flattering lip colors as it straddles both the warm (orange) and cool (pink) hues. Honestly, I wear this color all year since it works so well for me.

If you are warmer, pick a coral with more orange. And, if you're cooler, go with one with more pink. If you're not sure where you fall, ask a makeup artist at one of your favorite counters.

At a January Trish McEvoy event at my local Nordstrom where I had my makeup done, the makeup artist chose Flawless Lip Color in Perfect Coral. It's a new Trish shade that packs a ton of color. It reminded me more of a lip stick since it was more matte than anything. But it applied like butter, so I knew it was a gloss. The best part — it's long wear!

The artist first applied a neutral lip liner and then gently pressed the gloss on my lips using her fingers. Now I've used that technique with lip sticks, but I never thought to do it with a gloss. Wow... the gloss stayed intact for nearly four hours. While I'd expect those results from a lip stick or stain, I never get this staying power from a gloss. Sold!

If Perfect Coral is too bold for you, Trish's other new shade — Coral Shimmer — might be another good coral option. It's less matte and a bit more toned down. Better yet, play with both shades or even pair them together.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Flawless Lip Colors in Perfect Coral and Coral Shimmer are available at your local Trish counter or online. Each retails for $28.50.

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