Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 2: Lip Love - Find Your Tried and True Shade

Welcome to day 2 of the Lip Love series that we introduced yesterday. Today's post is all about finding your own tried and true shade — and formula — that you can put on anytime, anywhere. It's a seasonless hue that is very close to the natural color of your own lips. You can wear it to work, on the weekend, and even a special event. It's easy and it complements your best features!

Day 2...Find Your Tried and True Shade
For many women, we overthink our tried and true lip stick shade. Instead we splurge on a sexy red or nude that so often ends up unused at the bottom of the makeup drawer. While there's nothing wrong in having these special shades, I encourage you to find your tried and true shade first and then build out the rest of your lippie collection.

Over the years, I've had a handful of amazing tried and true shades. Sadly, most were limited edition or now discontinued like Lancôme 'L'Absolu' Rouge in Rose Divine (sniffle, sniffle). But I don't let that defeat me. I get back up and look for something new.

Last December I fell in love with Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture SPF 15 in 016 Rouge Roxane. However, this orange red shade is not always appropriate for every occasion. But since I loved the formula, I went back to my YSL counter and looked for something near my own lip color. I chose shade 015 Brun Sienne, which is a rose brown shade. (On me, it pulls more neutral than in the photo above.)

Because it mimics my own lips, I can easily wear it with orange, red, purples, teals, navy, black, etc. I never have to worry about it standing out and clashing with my clothes. And that dear friends is the reason you need a tried and true shade! It's versatile and doesn't require a special outfit or occasion. You feel good wearing it and it brings out your best features.

Have you discovered your tried and true shade? I'd love to hear about yours. Drop me a line in the comments box and share your latest one.

Purchase info: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture SPF 15 in 015 Brun Sienne is available at YSL counters and Sephora. It retails for $30.00.

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