Friday, January 20, 2012

Post-Workout Muscle Reviver: AHAVA Mineral Bath Salt in Sugared Fig

January is my up-the-ante workout month where I meet with a trainer for a few weeks to get my bod in better shape for the new year. However, my muscles always take a beating after these intense training sessions, and I long for instant relief! One way I'm dealing with the pain is via my tub and a big ol' handful of bath salts. There is something so wonderfully therapeutic in these salts from the sea.

One of my new favorites — AHAVA Mineral Bath Salt in Sugared Fig — was discovered after Christmas on a clearance shelf at my local Ulta. This limited-edition item contains 100% pure Dead Sea salts that are scented with natural oils. This sugary fig combination is both sweet and fruity, a combination that I love.

For best results, I'll pour a generous handful (or two) of salts into my bath water while it's running. I'll then sit back, relax and soak for 20 minutes. It's the perfect amount of time to completely unwind and let the salts work their magic on my sore muscles. I also find that a good soak helps me sleep like a baby!

Purchase info: AHAVA Mineral Bath Salt in Sugared Fig is a limited edition item so it may be hard to find in stores. However, their are a few online retailers such as and that still have it listed on their site. I snagged my jar for less than $10.00, but normally this item is priced closer to $22.00.

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