Friday, January 6, 2012

A Beauty Steal from the Nursery: Huggies Sensitive Baby Wipes

In December, I tackled a big home organization project. While I was redoing my kitchen setup, I found a brand new tub of Huggies Sensitive Wipes in one of my cupboards. I had purchased it years ago when we were redoing our backyard and our dogs were tracking in mud. I kept the wipes by the door and cleaned the dogs' paws after every backyard visit. Along the way, I must have pushed the box to the back of the cupboard and forgotten. Hmm...what's a girl to do? How about using them as makeup remover wipes? Bingo.

Before the first pass across my face, I did read the label since my skin is pretty sensitive and I didn't want to cause irritation or dryness. No problem here as these particular wipes are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free. After my first use, my face felt clean, make-up free, and well balanced. I did have to do a second pass under my eyes to remove all of my mascara, but that was easy peasy.

What really surprised me is the quality of the wipes. First, each wipe is huge! You could easily cut them in half if needed. Second, these babies are amazingly durable. They're super strong and thicker than most of the makeup wipes I've used. I'll admit they did shed a bit, but nothing too bothersome.

Plus, the one-handed pop-up dispenser is brilliant. This comes in handy (no pun intended) when you're holding a mascara wand in one hand and you need to quickly reach for a wipe with the other.

The final wow factor...price! These wipes are so wallet friendly especially if you purchase the big bag of refills.

Purchase info: Huggies Sensitive Wipes are available at most mass retailers and drug stores. Shop around for the best deal!

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