Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap: Use It Up Product Challenge

In January, I made a New Year's resolution to track all of the beauty items that I finished during the year. To date, I've now used 109 products in 2011.

The sole intention was to challenge myself to purposefully utilize my current beauty product stash. Why? It's too darn easy to accumulate excess products that never get fully consumed especially when you are a beauty blogger AND a product junkie! Throughout the year, I've been posting weekly (or twice a month) recaps of my usage. Personally, it's been interesting to see what gets used up (and often replaced) most.

 Key revelations from this challenge are:
  • Minimize lip gloss and eye shadow purchases since they are rarely used completely.
  • Purchase backups of "holy grail" staples when they are sale or during promotional (e.g., buy 2, get 1 free) events.
  • Refrain from buying makeup palettes to avoid product waste. It's rare that all 10 shades work for me!
  • Get samples first, if possible, before committing to a purchase. Nowadays it's perfectly acceptable to request a sample from your department store, Ulta, or Sephora.
  • Return, swap, or give away items that aren't working. Don't waste space on the duds!
Before we conclude, here is the final weekly post of this year-long series...

Week of December 26th:
  • Origins Ginger Float: This bubble bath brought back so many memories from the late 90s (Review October 2011). I loved using it again and relaxing in its lovely froth. (Skip: While I enjoyed using every last drop, I'll be rotating in other bath products that I've accumulated.)
  • Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara: This mascara has been a staple for several years now. I rotate between it and her High Volume Mascara. (Skip: I have an extra High Volume one that I need to use first before repurchasing.)
  • Matrix Biolage hydrathérapie Conditioning Balm: This conditioner continues to be a staple in my shower. (Review June 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). I picked it up on vacation in June 2010 and I'm still pretty much using Conditioning Balm exclusively even after the formula changed. (Repurchase: I plan to buy another one today.)
  • Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift: I forget how well this eye product worked (Review August 2011)! I recently rediscovered it in my stash and I've been using it in combination with my Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer to hide my lack of sleep. (Backup: I found an extra that was included with a Trish skin care set that I purchased earlier in the year.)

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