Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Little Brush of Greatness: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

After many months of ditching my foundation brush, I have finally given in and started using one again. However, it took Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush — a little brush of greatness — to change my ways.

Perfect Foundation Brush is probably one of the most versatile brushes that I've encountered in several years. It's designed for all foundation formulas including creams, powders, liquids. The brush's bristles are slightly contoured — more than a regular flat-top brush — allowing you to easily reach all the nooks and crannies without any streaking. Plus, I love its short handle and compact brush head which are ideal for carrying in my small makeup bag when I travel.

I've been using the brush to apply Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA, which is a water-based, liquid foundation. Because of the foundation's light consistency, I had previously found that I had better application success with my fingers. I had tried several reliable foundation brushes, but I couldn't get an even application. Yet, this is not the case with Perfect Foundation Brush. I've been able to easily blend any lines of demarcation for a near air-brushed effect. And with the brush I get a bit more coverage without product waste. 

I also discovered that it works beautifully to blend my under-eye concealer. I can get right up to my lash line and ensure just the right level of coverage.

Bravo Shiseido!

Purchase info: Shiseido Foundation Brush is available at Shiseido counters, Sephora, and online. It retails for $30.00.

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