Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Faithful, Bubbly Friend: Origins Ginger Float

I've always been a bubble bath girl. And, I can never resist the latest and greatest bubbly products. However, sometimes you need to return to those ever faithful products that first got you hooked. For me, it was Origins Ginger Float —  a creamy, bubbling bath elixir with a citrusy-crisp scent of lush, lighthearted lemon, lime, and bergamot.

I can't remember the details on how I discovered this ginger bubble product, but I know it happened sometime during the late 90s. I was probably strolling the local mall and accidentally fell into an Origins store. That's how it usually works!

Several weeks ago I was reacquainted with this old friend, and oh, what a reunion! For five nights straight, I downed my sorrows and day's stress with a big dose of Ginger Float bubbles. This dreamy bath product soothed my soul and my skin. I couldn't get enough! To be sure, this item will once again be a steady staple in my bathroom.

Purchase info: Origins Ginger Float is available at your local Origins store and online. It retails for $26.50 for a 17.6 oz tub of creamy bubbles.

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