Friday, August 12, 2011

Week of August 8th: Use It Up Products

Oh how I love to gain a little more shelf and drawer space in my bathroom! This week I continued to use up a few more items. I was also reminded about the benefits of simplifying our beauty routines — and number of products used — thanks to a segment on TODAY.

Week of August 8th:
  • Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish: This is one of those luxurious, and pricy, body scrubs that I buy maybe once a year when I need a special treat. While I could use it all the time, I can't justify its price tag right now especially when I finish off one container in less than 6 weeks. (Skip: I have another scrub that I plan to use.)
  • Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum: I've been using this serum nearly exclusively since 2009 as part of my morning routine (Review October 2009). (Skip: I've decided to take a break from a facial serum thanks to the prompting of the TODAY segment. I have a sample of another brand that I may test in a week or two. But for now I'll be going serum-free!)
  • Caudalie Cleansing Water: I actually finished up this item several weeks ago, but forgot to add it to the list! Like Trish's serum, this item has also been a staple for more than a year (Review June 2009). (Replacement: I'm now using Bioderma's Crealine H2O Miscellar Solution that I purchased in France. To make it last even longer, I've decanted the product into one of Sephora's flip top bottles so that I can use each and every ounce of product.

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