Monday, August 15, 2011

A Streak-Free Shine for Your Shower: simplehuman foldaway squeegee

Since I review skincare items that I use in my shower, I thought today that I'd give a quick nod to one brilliant item that I use everyday on my shower — simplehuman foldaway squeegee. When we remodeled our master bathroom five years ago, we installed the most beautiful, sparkly glass shower stall. It was pretty and streak-free for about a week. After that point, I realized how important it is to squeegee your shower after each use to keep it looking clean and streak free.

However, there are good squeegees and bad ones. And it doesn't take one long to discover which one you're using! After about the 10th replacement, I finally discovered simplehuman foldaway squeegee. What a difference!

So what makes this squeegee unique? Most important...its angled blade gets every corner, even the narrow sides, of my shower without leaving streaks. I never have to take a second pass. It smoothly glides over the shower glass and stone walls without missing a spot. When I'm done, I just push the black button and it magically folds up for easy storage on the side of my shower. My last squeegee was so big that it never dried out (thus the ugly black mold) and it was always in the way. And not to be overlooked in its keys features, the simplehuman product is rust proof and comes with a five-year warranty.

My only complaint...this model also comes with a nifty suction cup for hanging the squeegee when you're not using it. While I think it's a practical hanging solution, I never can get it to stay put on the stone walls. The suction cup slips right off the shower walls. Maybe, I should try moving it to the glass, instead.

Suction cup or not, this squeegee rocks!

Purchase information: simplehuman foldaway squeegee is available at mass retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond. It retails for $19.99.  (If you're shopping at BB&B, don't forget your 20% coupon. I always seem to get these in the mail or in magazines.)

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