Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Better (Almost) than a Day at the Beach: Lafco Beach House (Sea & Dune) Candle

There's something so utterly wrong with this picture. It's a gorgeous August day. I live less than 2 miles away from the Pacific Ocean, and I'm stuck on back to back conference calls all day. But at least I have a cheery home office, the breeze is blowing through the windows, and I don't have a sunburn...right?

During these indoor summer days, I seek creative ways to be reminded of the lovely beach that's not so far away. One of my new favorite finds is Lafco's Beach House (Sea and Dune) Candle. This is an uber luxury soy-blend candle with fragrance notes of blue lotus, cyclamen, and wild grasses. It's a super clean, green scent that is well suited for my home office, providing up to 90 hours of burn time. I'm really picky about candles scents for this particular location since I don't want anything too heavy or floral. For me, the scent needs to be very uplifting and peaceful since I'm very work focused and need to stay on task.

Just like all of the Lafco home candles (see previous review), the Beach House is contained in a hand-blown glass vessel that is as luxurious as the candle itself. I've been using two empty vessels for storing makeup brushes. They are the perfect height and make a lovely presentation on my bathroom counter.

Purchase info: Lafco Beach House (Sea and Dune) Candle is available at select boutiques and online retailers, including Candle Luxury.com. It retails for $55.00.

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