Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Mineral Makeup's Best Friend: Bobbi Brown Face Brush

With the recent wave of warm/humid summer weather, I've made some adjusting to my makeup routine. I've temporarily shelved my liquid foundation in favor of a lighter mineral powder. In doing so, I've been reaching frequently for Bobbi Brown's Face Brush —a much-loved, but forgotten brush in my stash to apply the powder.

Last year I received this brush as a hand-me-down item from one of my friends. She wasn't using it anymore and thought I'd give it a good home. I used it several times, but it was pushed to the back of my makeup drawer since I was using liquid foundations at the time.

Bobbi Brown Face Brush is a short handled, big fluffy kabuki brush that is extremely soft and easy to maneuver when I apply my mineral powder. This brush is ideal for a sheer wash of powder. If you want a heavier application of product, you probably would be happier with a denser flat-top brush. And similar to a large makeup powder puff, you can also use the Face Brush for buffing out all of your powder products (blush, bronzer, etc.) to remove any lines of product demarcation — the telltale signs that you haven't applied your product evenly. 

I love how well the Face Brush holds it shape well even after shampoo cleaning. One of my pet peeves of other kabuki-style brushes is that they don't wash well. I've had several where the bristles start falling out in clumps after the first or second wash or the bristles dry in an odd clump, not the original formation.

Purchase info: Bobbi Brown Face brush is available at Bobbi Brown counters and online (Note: it is temporarily out of stock). It retails for $50.00.

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