Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Return to the Shampoo of My Youth: Mastey de Paris Traité

With all the advances in hair care products, the last thing I expected was a step backwards in time. But sometimes the good ol' products from our childhood are often just what we need.

Recently, I was reunited with Mastey de Paris Traité, a sulfate-free shampoo that I used as a child. I'm not sure exactly when I started using the product, but I do remember it was a huge step up from the drugstore shampoos that my mom usually purchased. It was incredibly rich with pearly-opaque consistency, super moisturizing, and had the most yummy coconut aroma. And my hair never looked better!

Here's a little history on the product. It was created in 1978 by Henri Mastey, who revolutionized the salon industry when he created Traité, the first professional sulfate-free shampoo. Based on lipids, Traité provided superior cleansing benefits without altering the hair and scalp natural moisture during cleansing, while protecting hair color from fading prematurely. Unmatched, Traité actually helped rescue many professional hands from excessive dryness caused by harsh shampoos.

Fast-forward to 33 years later and the product is still very much alive and thriving! About three weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a new shampoo and I stumbled upon the brand at my local beauty supply store. The packaging is different from the original, but I distinctively remembered the Mastey logo. I secretively unscrewed the bottle at the store to perform a quick sniff test. Sure enough...the coconut aroma was still the same.

I immediately purchased and couldn't wait to shampoo my hair. And, what I first experienced was how it well it had restored my scalp. It cleansed without stripping all the oils and absolutely zero build-up! My hair was super shiny and well balanced. Plus, my color is still holding well even 30 days after coloring. All in all, my reunion with Traité has been a happy one.

Have you been reunited with a product from your past? Drop me a line in the comments box and share your story! 

Purchase info: Mastey de Paris Traité is sold only at beauty supply stores. Prices start at $12.00 for an 8 oz. bottle.

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