Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dark Circles Be Gone: Tarte Dark Circle Defense Natural Under Eye Corrector

Allergies + lack of sleep + bad genes (thanks mom & dad) = Dark undereye circles!  And mine grew even darker after returning from our vacation. Normally, I just use my regular concealer and a little extra foundation to mask my raccoon eyes, but it didn't work this time.

For me, finding the "perfect" concealer for my under eye area has been a full-time job, and I always seem to just throw in the towel and settle on good enough (see previous post).

Several friends recommended that I try using a color corrector along with a concealer since the corrector will fix the color issue. In theory, this makes perfect sense. However, when I add one more product layer into the mix it gets messy. Specifically, these two products don't always play nicely together or they get too "creamy" and my eye makeup starts traveling downward. And God forbid that I have to apply powder to set these products in place. I know it works for some gals, but powder applied to my under eyes ages me immediately. It settles in my fine lines and feels really uncomfortable.

So, what are my requirements for the ideal concealer?
  • The right color match. For me, it needs some pink/peach undertones without being too dark or light. If it's too dark, it doesn't blend with my foundation. And if it's too light, you get the reverse raccoon effect, which isn't very flattering. Pale ladies...we really must demand more color options!
  • A creamy, yet matte consistency. I prefer a creamier product so that I can easily apply it to just the areas that need coverage and blend without tugging/pulling the skin in this delicate area. However, the concealer's consistency must dry down matte so that it stays put throughout the day.
The good news...I've found a possible holy grail contender this weekend. And, I wasn't really looking.

I was purchasing a new Tarte blush in Sephora and I happened to spot Tarte's Dark Circle Defense next to the display of blushes. A quick-acting makeup associate asked me if I wanted to try the product. Why not?

After testing the two lightest color options, she chose the fair to light shade (the lightest shade available). On the initial application, it immediately covered my raccoon eyes. But I almost dismissed the product as it seemed too creamy (similar to Bobbi Brown concealers and correctors). However, I was patient and let it dry for a minute or two. And what a difference! The tacky consistency disappeared and the product looked very natural. And better yet, it still looked natural six hours later! No creasing, smudging, or other bad effects. In fact, it even stayed put after an intense workout at the gym.

For the next several weeks I will continue to test Dark Circle Defense and report back after taking it for a longer test drive. Fingers crossed...

Purchase info: Tarte Dark Circle Defense Natural Under Eye Corrector is available in four shades at Sephora, Ulta, etc. It retails for $32.00 and includes a concealer brush.

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