Friday, April 8, 2011

Week of April 4th: Use It Up Products

It's been a rather slow week of product consumption. I only used up one item! But...(drum roll please) this one was a biggie for me.

Week of April 4th:
  • Trish McEvoy Deluxe Eye Shadow in Shell: I not only hit pan on this shadow, but used it all the way down to the point that I couldn't pick up even color pigment on my brush. It took two years of almost daily use to finish it up! I typically apply shell — a light pink matte shadow — all over my eyelid to set my eyelid base primer similar to how face powder is used to set foundation. I love that it is completely neutral and complements any other shadows I'm using, from neutral taupe and gray to purple and teal! (Repurchase: Absolutely! It's on my weekend shopping list.)
Note: I will not be doing weekly "Use It Up" updates for the rest of April. I'm leaving on vacation next week and will be gone through most of the month. I'll be taking a limited amount of makeup and skin care products with me so it really doesn't make sense to report on what I use up. However, I will do several posts on what I plan to pack (and use). Stay tuned!!!

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