Friday, March 25, 2011

Week of March 21st: Use It Up Products

Week of March 21st:
  • Trish McEvoy N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub: I'm mesmerized by most anything with this decadent Trish fragrance. I've enjoyed this scrub, which is a combo of both sugar granules and sea salt. However, with the addition of salt I've found that I cannot use it after shaving or one big ouchie! (Skip: For now. I'll probably purchase it again, but I have other scrubs to try.)
  • Sonya Dakar Daily Wash (Verbena Cypress): I'm saddened to discover my empty bottle in the shower (Review Jan. 2011). This has been the most luxurious shower gel that I've ever tried. It's chalked full of the best ingredients for keeping my body clean, moisturized, and blemish free. Yes, sometimes I get those annoying back zits that drive me nuts! (Skip: I have a hard time spending $35 for a body wash although I got mine on sale. I'm pass for now, but I may cave if I can't find an equivalent.)

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