Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward with New Tools!

In the spirit of this weekend's spring-forward time change, I cleaned my makeup brushes and made an assessment of my other beauty tools. While my brushes are in great condition, I could not make the same statement about some of my other most-used tools. Yikes!

My eyelash curler was easily spruced up with a simple wipe down of alcohol, but there were some tools that were way past their prime and needed to be tossed. I took the opportunity to make a quick trip to Ulta for replacements. Here is what I picked up on my shopping trip:

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers: Love this mini size! I didn't realize how dull my previous tweezers were until I splurged for a new pair. The slant angle is perfect for grabbing this minute hairs that drive you crazy. I bought the smaller size since I wanted something appropriate for travel. And like all of Tweezerman tweezers, they are guaranteed for life. Just send them back to the company and they will sharpen for free (excluding postage and delivery). Price: $12.50

Revlon Deluxe Nail Clippers: If you're experiencing fraying or peeling nails, your nail clippers are probably the first item to replace. I didn't realize the damage my old pair was causing. Nothing beats Revlon in this category of tools! Price: $2.49 (I picked up two pairs; one for my bathroom drawer, the other for my purse.)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors: This was my splurge tool! I've started to get my brows waxed less frequently, but I still want to maintain a neat, trim look. I've been using my husband's old mustache scissors, but they don't give me that precision line that I'm accustomed to. Wow...these scissors are over the top good! Price: $22.50

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