Monday, March 28, 2011

Reflection: When 90% is Good Enough!

During the past month or so, I've been on the mad pursuit of my holy grail under-eye concealer. You know the product that does everything including turning back the hands of time. The sad part is that my current concealer wasn't failing its job miserably. It did 90% of the job, but I was set on finding something even better. With this goal, I began my pursuit for the remaining 10%.

After five products (and too many dollars) later, here's what I discovered:
  • Product #1 — a creamy concealer — and its companion color corrector (product #2). Their new enhanced formulas did not blend and absorb well on my skin. As a result, my eyeliner traveled southward. I even tried different eyeliner formulas (pencil, powder, gel) and got the same unfortunate results. This was a big disappointment as product #1 was getting amazing reviews and press.
  • Product #3 — a very high-end concealer/highlighter with glowing recommendations from several friends. It didn't match my skin tone even after two attempts at a color match. One was too dark; the other was too light. I also felt that it was way too drying and made me appear older and tired.
  • Product #4 — a creamy concealer recommended by the esthetician who waxes my brows. She always uses this product to conceal any redness after my brow waxes. It seemed to work well on one spot of my face so the odds were favorable, right? Wrong! This product was SO heavy under my eyes. It might be fine for concealing spots, but it was horrific for the delicate under eye area.
  • Product #5 — a pencil concealer that I spotted at Ulta. I tried the tester on the back of my hand and really liked how it blended without being too dry. Once I tried the product at home I found it blended so well that no product was left at all! Seriously, there was absolutely zero coverage under my eye.
While I love trying and experimenting with new beauty products, I did learn a valuable lesson. Sometimes 90% is good enough.

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