Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Favorite Crease Brush: Trish McEvoy Brush 30 Eye Blending

One of my makeup challenges is getting the perfect placement of eye shadow in my crease. For some reason, I tend to go overboard and lose the contouring effect. Or, the shadow is placed too high and when I blend the shadow falls outside of the crease area. But no more!

Last month I was introduced to Trish McEvoy's new Brush 30 Eye Blending and it has taken my crease eye shadow application to the next level. This new brush gives me the control I need to get perfect results every time. It is precision-shaped with a slightly rounded head to deposit and diffuse just the right amount of color for an effortless application. I love how well it fits into my crease area as it's just the perfect size for my crease. And...I think that's the secret. You need to find a crease brush that is size appropriate for your individual eyes/crease.

Want to see the brush in action? Click on the video below and watch Trish show you how.

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Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Brush 30 Eye Blending is available at Trish counters and online. It retails for $28.00.

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