Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Good Luck Bamboo Candle: Linnea's Lights Bamboo Candle

We usually associate St. Patrick's day shamrocks with good luck. But in other parts of the world, lucky bamboo plants are symbolic of good health, fortune, and success.  And we all can use a little luck now and again!

I have a terrible green thumb, so instead of growing lucky bamboo I'm burning it. Well...almost. I've recently discovered Linnea's Lights Bamboo Candle, a culmination of the plant’s exotic nature, blended with the beauty of native white flowers and spice grasses. Normally I stay clear of anything green and floral scented, but I'm making the exception for this candle. I've been burning this candle in my home office for the past week or so and it's been so very soothing. And like all of Linnea's candles, it burns so darn evenly. Can't wait to see what luck and fortune it sends my way!

Purchase info: Linnea's Lights Bamboo Candle is available in select boutiques and gift stores. Refer to the company's store locator for a retailer near you. They offer candles in two sizes, the 60 hour double-wick candle and the 15 hour mini votive. Prices usually start at $15.00 for the mini votive and $29.00 for the double-wick.

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