Monday, March 7, 2011

Make a Monday Fresh Start: fresh Hesperides Soap

Sometimes all you need is a little scent "something, something" to get you pumped and running on Monday mornings. I know I do especially today when my alarm rang at 5 AM, and I wasn't quite prepared to start my day, let alone meet a huge 9 AM project deadline.

On these insane mornings, I'll reach for a happy citrus scented item to help wake me up and get me moving. Today I reached for my bar of fresh Hesperides soap. And...oh what a difference it made!

The Hesperides scent is a memorable, full-bodied bouquet of citrus goodness. It sparkles with bright citrus zest of Italian lemon, orange, and grapefruit. There's also some light floral and peach notes to lighten the scent load so you're not hit too hard with its citrus. Sometimes citrus scented items can be overwhelming or even synthetic smelling if not mixed with a little something else.

I love that this bar, like all of fresh's soaps, are made of nourishing vegetable oil and shea butter. It's rich and dense and will last nearly FOREVER! Best of all, it's not too girlie, so my husband will use it too.

Purchase info: fresh Hesperides soap is available at fresh stores and online. It retails for $14.00 (a huge 8.8 oz bar).

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