Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's that Pretty Kitty in the Looking Glass? Sephora Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror

Much to my husband's dismay, I recently purchased this limited edition Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror. It truly was one of my weak moments that I still can't fully explain. You see...I don't like bows, I was never into Hello Kitty as a child, and I'm not a girly girl. But there was an immediate attraction (or was it a reflection?) to this chic accessory that I couldn't resist.

Seriously...this Hello Kitty mirror is so darn adorable. Last week I broke my hand held mirror (yep, seven years of bad luck), and I didn't realize how much I depended on it. I looked for a replacement at Ulta and Target, but nothing was quite right. I finally ended up at Sephora and spotted this one a mile away. I caved immediately.

In addition to the cuteness factor, this mirror is extremely functional. It's oversized — the entire length is 10" and 6.5" at its widest point — and has the perfect wide face, allowing me to see my full face straight on. I don't have to shift it left or right to get the full picture. This is helpful when you're trying to compare eye shadow application on both eyes simultaneously. It's also quite light and ergonomically comfortable. When you're holding a mirror AND applying makeup, the handle needs to feel right in your hand.

In addition, the mirror doesn't seem to show fingerprints easily. This surprised me as I typically have this gripe about most mirrors. I hate having to keep a bottle of Windex underneath my sink just to clean my mirror.

While I don't typically make impulsive purchases such as this one, I'm so glad I made the exception for Hello Kitty!

Purchase info: Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror is sold exclusively at Sephora, along with a full line of Hello Kitty makeup items, fragrances, and other accessories. The mirror retails for $35.00.

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