Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Rose for All Seasons: Lancôme 'L'Absolu' Rouge in Rose Divine

Don't you just love those versatile items that carry you from one season to another? I do, especially when it comes to makeup and accessories. For me, I'm always seeking the best long-term value even if it means paying a bit more upfront.

One of those all-season lip classics is Lancôme 'L'Absolu' Rouge in Rose Divine. I purchased this limited-edition lipstick in early fall 2010 (it was launched last summer as part of their French Coquettes collection), and I've been wearing it ever since. I tell you...this one really works for most days and complements a variety of colors in my wardrobe.

I'd describe the color as a medium rose shade that leans slightly to the warmer side of the color spectrum; however, even gals with cool complexions can carry this one off without any issues. In certain light, it seems slightly peachy on my lips especially if I'm wearing coral or rust tones. I can also pair it with various glosses to bring out certain undertones or to sheet it out if I want less color.

In addition to Rose Divine's lovely hue, is its creamy, moisturizing texture. Normally I'm a gloss gal, but I'm finding that Lancôme's 'L'Absolu' line of lipsticks feels amazing on my lips. They glide on smoothly and stay put for several hours. I wouldn't really call them lip stains, but they do have some of those properties so you don't have to reapply frequently.

My only complaint is the smell (and taste). It totally reminds me of L'Oreal lipsticks that I wore in high school. They had the same floral/chemical scent that drove my crazy. However, I'm tolerating it now and find that the scent dissipates with time.

All in all, this lippie will continue to go with me into the next season and beyond. It just works!

Purchase info: Lancôme 'L'Absolu' Rouge in Rose Divine is still available at select counters and Nordstrom.com. Because it is limited edition, it may be a bit challenging to find. Call ahead to avoid making an unnecessary trip to the mall! It retails for $29.00.

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