Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reflection: Do You Know Your Home's Signature Scent?

Would you be able to distinguish your home's signature scent from a line up of aromas?

No, this isn't a trick question. It's just something that I've been noodling over the past several days. I was thinking about my childhood and remembering the scents associated with houses that I visited frequently at this impressionable age. I can vividly recall a few such distinct aromas as Pledge (lemon scent), curry, fresh laundry, Chanel No. 5, and even homemade bread. To this day, I still associate those scents with certain homes.

This scent reminiscing got me thinking about my own home's unique scent (pictured above). And I wondered what it was. In my mind, the leading contenders included:
  • Slatin & Co. Winter scented items (candles and room spray): This scent is a blend of pine, crisp bay leaf, orange clove, and warm winter woods. I seem to have at least one item of this scent somewhere in my house all year long.
  • method lemon verbena kitchen cleaner: I'm always spraying this anti-bacterial cleaner! It's a combination of thyme and oregano oils plus verbena. I tend to pick up on the thyme and oregano notes more than anything else.
  • Orange Glo Cleaner and Polish (or a generic version): The label is indistinguishable now, but I do use this orange cleaner frequently. It even accidentally made a guest appearance in the photo above.
  • Chicory coffee: My husband loves a Vietnamese style coffee that is made with chicory. It's brewing at least one every day.
  • Voluspa Frost Pinecone candles: Here's another favorite wintry scent that masks a multitude of household odors, I just love to inhale its clean, fresh aroma.
  • Eau de dog: There is a remote possibility that my house smells just like my two spotted hounds. God forbid!
I guess the interesting thing about home signature scents, similar to signature scents for people, is that we're not usually the ones making the scent association. This job is usually done by others who visit — frequently or infrequently. However, the good news is that we can take an active role in influencing the definitive outcome. So burn that favorite candle, spray the cleaner, and by all means wash the dog!

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