Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not My Rose: By Terry Baume De Rose Crystal SPF 15

Last year I fell hard for By Terry's Baume De Rose (see review). This lip treatment worked magic like none other lip product I've tried. My only pet peeve is that it comes in a heavy, pot-style container and you must use your finger to apply. So when I discovered that there was a similar product, Baume De Rose Crystal, but in a gloss-style tube I was all over it. Wouldn't it be perfect for my purse or travel bag when I didn't want to worry cleaning my hands first before applying?

In one word...NO. While the products are similar, Baume De Rose Crystal doesn't live up to the original Baume De Rose. It's consistency is lighter (more like a gloss) and doesn't have the same staying power. With the original, I could apply it at night and it would still be on my lips in the morning. But with Baume De Rose Crystal I'm reapplying on an hourly basis. I also don't really notice any great healing properties that I experienced when using the original.

In addition, it doesn't quite have the same faint pink tint on my lips. With Baume De Rose, my lips truly had the "my lips but better" look. Baume De Rose Crystal doesn't look any different than clear gloss.

Lesson two roses are alike!

Purchase info: By Terry Baume De Rose Crystal SPF 15 is available at Barney's, Space NK stores, Space NK @ Bloomingdales, and SPACE It retails for $52.00.

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