Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Using the Right Grit? Tweezerman Shape and Shine Nail Tool

Are you using the right grit number (roughness of the file) on your nails? When I was asked this question several months at a beauty supply store, I was thrown for a loop. I was replacing a nail file and there were TOO many options so I asked for help. Aren't all nail files created equal?

It was obvious that I needed more education on when do use which grit...

The grit of a file refers to the roughness of the file, and it is a measure of the number of abrasive grains within each square inch of nail files. Files with smaller grits are coarser due to a small number of large particles (e.g., 60-150). And the larger the grit, the greater number of grains contained in one square inch and thus the smaller the grains (e.g., 240+). So files with large grit number are finer due to a large number of tiny particles. Have I lost you yet?

The big takeaway is to determine the task you are trying to do and your nail type (artificial or natural). You'll want a coarser file for shaping and a smoother file for polishing. If you have artificial nails, you'll probably prefer one of the coarsest files available, but DO NOT use it on natural nails or you'll likely to cause serious tears.

To keep it really simple and avoid having a drawer full of files, I opted for a multi-purpose file. Tweezerman's Shape and Shine Nail tool had everything I needed for grooming my natural nails. It features three filing surfaces (white, black, blue), two buffing surfaces (pink, white) and one polishing surface (gray) to shape and shine nails naturally. Done!

Purchase: Tweezerman Shape and Shine Nail tool is available at select retailers, such as Ulta, and online. It retails for $7.00.

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